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ELEAGUE Season 1 finished


ELEAGUE: Luminosity remain unbeaten

Play-off stage of the Group A was opened by the match between Luminosity and Liquid. Teams were destined to meet once again, as according to the rules of the tournament, the line-up, that takes the first place in the ranking, has to play against the last one. The Brazilians breasted the tape, having no failed map and the Americans, in contrast, — didn’t get a single victory during the last three gaming days.


The struggle began on the map de_mirage — a pick of LG. Thanks to the efforts of Spencer «Hiko» Martin, the American line-up became a winner of the first pistol and anti-force rounds, but during the anti-eco rounds made an unapologetic mistake. Capitalizing an opponents’ error, the Brazilians regained the initiative and evened the score at [2:2]. On the next device round Liquid took their chance to play in two «AWP», but this tactic wasn’t the victorious one. Using the economical weakness of a contestant, Luminosity multiplied their van to [5:2]. The effective hold of the B-plant by Eric «adreN» Hoag and Nick «nitr0» Cannella allowed the Americans to take the third round to their bag, but the leadership still was by Luminosity’s side. An individual performance of some players from Liquid helped them to shorten the lag in a score, but the general view was still the same. To the side replacement teams went, reaching the point of [10:5].

CT-sided, the Brazilian line-up wasn’t going to shorten the sail. LG happened to be the strongest in the pistol and, after it, used an opportunity to increase an escape in the score in the following anti-eco rounds [13:5]. Failing the device round, Liquid still had no willing to give in, and, despite the queasy position [14:5], took the tactical pause. However, a break in the match didn’t fix their mistakes. Due to the Brazilian aggression, they’ve managed to take another one round, but Luminosity effortless drew a line under the struggle on de_mirage [16:6]


Gabriel «FalleN» Toledo made a great contribution to the victory of LG on de_mirage

The match continued on de_nuke — the choice of Liquid. Should be pointed out, that, particularly in this one struggle, a renewed version of the picked map was firstly used in ELEAGUE. Starting for the defense, Spencer «Hiko» Martin, showed up again. His prime «-3», helped his team to win the pistol round, in doing so giving them a chance to gain the initial advantage. Liquid embraced the moment ad teams met the point of [0:3]. Reaching the weapon round, Luminosity replied the opponent, equalizing the score [3:3]. After that, Team Liquid regained the lost initiative, chalking up [3:7]. LG kept on trying to hit the enemy’s defense, but, thanks to the stable economy, the American team didn’t give in. The consistent economy afforded the team with everything needed to not to cede in both the individual and team combats. As a result — [5:10], and teams went to have some rest.

CT-sided, Luminosity came of best in the pistol round, thereby, starting the long-lasting victorious series. In a short term the Brazilian line-up regained the leadership and chalked up [11:10]. Prime role in their success played Fernando «fer» Alvarenga and Lincoln «fnx» Lau, who time and time again disrupted the Liquid’s way out on А-plant. Losing their positions, the American squad used the tactical pause. After a small break, LG lost the initiative for some time and, in this regard the teams tied the score at [12:12]. At the end of the match, the Brazilian team strengthened the defense, finishing the started. [16:12] marks the confident victory of Luminosity Gaming.


Stay with us, as the matches ELEAGUE are not over for today. The next struggle between Cloud9 and Renegades broadcasting is available here.