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ELEAGUE Season 1 finished


ELEAGUE: fnatic march on Playoffs

FaZe and fnatic have met in the last match among the Group D on ELEAGUE. These teams' journey to the finals wasn't so easy: the Swedes had a trouble, defeating TSM, while the Europeans have worsted dignitas with a small margin.


The Swedish team has picked up de_cache

The game began with the map de_cache — the choice of FaZe Clan. fnatic have won the upper hand in the pistol and anti-eco rounds, seizing the starting advantage. Despite winning the device one, the European mixture has failed to change the course of the meeting, so the Swedes have easily continued to increase the gap. Before the end of the first half, FaZe have managed to brace up, slightly reducing the gap in the score [10:5].

Keeping the same pace, the Swedish squad has surpassed the rival in the following three rounds [13:5]. However, the European team has never stopped fighting and was able to defeat the enemy in several buy's. However, well-timed tactical pause from fnatic has thwarted the comeback of FaZe Clan, who, eventually, have fell to an onslaught of the famous Swedes. [16:12] and de_cache has replenished the treasury of the Swedish team.


FaZe Clan will continue their performance in the LCQ bracket

The following events were unfolding on de_cobblestone map — the fnatic's choice. The defeat on their map-pick has completely undermined the FaZe's strength, who have gambled away thirteen rounds in a row. The high-class Counter-Strike by the Swedish team has allowed them to complete the first half with a crushing advantage [14:1].

After a short break, the viewers didn't witness any sensation. The lag in the score was too great for FaZe Clan to implement such an incredible comeback. After losing five rounds, fnatic still have managed to draw a line under the battle on de_cobblestone [16:5]. As a result - [2: 0] by the maps, and the team from Sweden comes out victorious in an exciting «bo3-clash».


Eventually, fnatic have joined the non-complete list of the Playoffs' participants, where they are already awaited by Luminosity Gaming, NiP and Astralis.