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ELEAGUE Major finished


ELEAGUE Major: Off-screen

During ELEAGUE Major 2017, the players and talents were sharing different photos and feedbacks about the championship. Specially for our readers we have gathered a set of interesting publications from participants.

On arrival to Atlanta, all players were expected by the photo-shooting, which gifted them with a flood of positive emotions


Team Biceps is rdy 💪😎

Фото опубликовано Jaroslaw Jarzabkowski (@pashabiceps)


👆🏼photo session #EL #major

Фото опубликовано Denis Kostin (@seizedwf)

This is how the Gambit's prac-room looked like


Наша pracc зона. #eleague #ELMajor #major

Фото опубликовано Dauren Kystaubayev (@adrencsgo)

Semmler esteemed Turner Broadcast Studios


Too cool to be able to walk around in this studio and shoot some hoops! #ELEAGUE #eleaguemajor #CSGO #NBA

Видео опубликовано Auguste Massonnat (@rofsemmler)

znajder remained satisgied with the championship's venue


just got to the fox theatre, looking good hoping to see some sick plays live 🤗

Фото опубликовано Andreas Lindberg (@godznajder)

To the points, at Major, the best CS:GO-players 2016 by HLTV were awarded with medals


Quem é mais foda? Ninguém! Nos somos fodas juntos! Zuera é o cold

Фото опубликовано Gabriel Toledo de Alcantara S. (@gabrielfln)


#4 only ,2017 year will be better ,thank you hltv for this medal

Фото опубликовано Sasha Kostyliev (@s1mpleo)

January 24th was the TАСО's b-day, so FalleN, to celebrate it, was wearing such T-shirt

Even at the Major', the players of North didn't miss the trainings


Team training, time to get frustration out and win tmrw 💪

Фото опубликовано Mathias Lauridsen (@mslcsgo)

And how could miss the opportunity to take such photos :)


I znowu legendy na majorach! 3:0 i 2 dni przerwy, dozoba w ćwierćfinałach! #vp #strong #major #csgo #teczaboy

Фото опубликовано Paweł Bieliński (@byalkoo)


Wooohooo 1:0 in group stage ! We beat optic lets do it baby!!!!! Wygraliśmy na optic jedziemy dalej wohooo!

Фото опубликовано Janusz Pogorzelski (@snax1337)

In the rest-day, this couple used a chance to enjoy the massage


#relax #massage #vp #tomorrow #csgo

Фото опубликовано Jaroslaw Jarzabkowski (@pashabiceps)

When getting the status of «legends» for the 9th time

A defeat in the grand-final clash has greatly disappointed the guys fromVP


GG Astralis.

Фото опубликовано Paweł Bieliński (@byalkoo)

seized noticed that the public's shouting were disrupting in many crucial moments and the soundproof booths are necessary at every event

And, last but not least, the emotions of winners of ELEAGUE Major 2017


The public's emotions in the hall

The records of all matches, as well as the best moments of the championship may be found at our YouTube-channel.