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ELEAGUE Major finished


ELEAGUE Major: Astralis sent Na'Vi back home

In the opening match of the Playoffs within Major-championship in Atlanta, Astralis faced off against Natus Vincere.

The first at ELEAGUE Major bo3-series started with de_overpass — a pick of Astralis. Starting for the T-side, the Danes picked up the pistol's and following anti-eco, then securing a success with a victory in the first gun-one [0:4]. In the 6th round, Na’Vi opened their score, but lost the further buy, thus losing the economy and facing the score of [1:7].

«-4» by device, which paragraphed the confrontation on de_overpass

Astralis went on, dominating the rivals and picking the points and, only due to the individual moments by seized and flamie, two rounds more went on the board of Natus Vincere before the changeover [3:12].

The CIS-squad won the second pistol-round, but clutch from dupreeh let Astralis realize an eco-buy [4:13]. However, «-4» by flamie brought Na’Vi a victory in the next round and kicked off a short-time winning run [7:13]. Having restored the economy, the Danes confidently secured three rounds at a run and left no chances of coming back for Natus Vincere [7:16].

The match resumed on de_mirage — pick of Na’Vi. This time, the CIS-squad made it with an imperious start and won six rounds before Astralis decided to take a tactical timeout [6:0]. Nevertheless, the changes came into force not immediately and only after the 10th round, the Danish five got back on track, playing back the score-log to [9:6] before the end of the first half.

T-sided, Astralis prevailed in the pistol's and anti-eco rounds, after which the Danes won the device-one and went ahead [9:10]. Na’Vi leveled the score, but in the following round device and his «-4» with AWP saved the day for the Danes and destroyed the economy of CIS-players [10:11]. Astralis increased the advantage to [10:14], but Natus Vincere had no intentions to give up and managed to deal with the opponent one more time [14:14]. 

Astralis advance to the semi-finals

A mistake in the 29th round from Astralis, allowed due to the late planting, costed the Danish team a victory. Na’Vi reached the map-point and immediately realized it, in many aspects thanks to the under-accurate shooting by Xyp9x in the situation «1 vs 2». The final result on de_mirage stopped at the mark of [16:14], so the game was moved to the third map.

The start of de_dust2 was fully dictated by Astralis, as the first four rounds were picked by them [0:4]. However, the Danes didn't change the tradition to lose anti-eco and in the 5th round Na’Vi proved it [1:4]. When the score-gap of Astralis reached [2:6], the CIS-five took the tactical pause and after it didn't lose a single round more, except the 15th [8:7].

After a changeover, the tension was the same and, after Astralis retook the lead, the clutch by s1mple let Na’Vi tie the game for a while [10:10]. Only after this point, the Danes secured the initiative and with one winning run drew a victorious line under the match [10:16].

Due to this victory, Astralis are the first semifinalists of ELEAGUE Major 2017. In turn, Natus Vincere leave the tournament at the 5-8th place and are granted $35,000.