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ECS Season 2 finished


ECS S2: SK will play against dignitas

In the lower bracket of Group «В» within the second season of ECS, were fighting two Brazilian teams — SK Gaming and Immortals.


SK overpowered their rivals

The first battlefield was the choice of Immortals — de_cache. SK prevailed in the pistol's and following two rounds, but their opponents managed to win the gun one. coldzera & company retook the initiative again and kicked off the winning run, which lasted up to the mark of [7:1]. Then the team of boltz re-seized the control and picked up five points, but the ultimate victory in the first half was still secured by SK Gaming [9:6].

CT-sided, the TACO's team, not losing grip, went on, increasing the gap in score. Immortals managed to punch through the enemy's defense, but SK strengthened their positions and soon gained the upper hand on the first map [16:9].

«-3» by steel

Then the teams met on de_train — a pick of SK. Immortals took the pistol-round and two anti-eco's, but the FalleN's team has immediately re-captured the control and, over some time, leveled the score [3:3]. Then the squads have exchanged a few rounds, but SK still managed to outscore the rivals. The first half was finished in favor of fer and his teammates [9:6].

Having changed the side, Immortals withstood the onslaught and reached the opponents [9:9]. After a temporary draw, the teams were fighting on an equal footing, but SK Gaming proved to be stronger and, with a minimal advantage, secured the victory in a battle [16:14].


In their next clash, the Brazilians will fight against the Danes from dignitas. A stream of the match will be held on the twitch-channel.