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ECS Season 2 finished


ECS S2: OpTic will accompany FaZe

The second match-day within the final stage of ECS S2 was set off with a clash between OpTic Gaming and Cloud9.


 OpTic dealt with the opponents

At first, the teams were fighting on de_dust2 — the choice of C9. Despite an excellent start by n0thing& company, soon OpTic braced up and leveled the score for a while [5:5]. After that, Cloud9 retook the control back to their hands, going for a changeover with an advantage in three points [9:6].

CT-sided, the leader of a meeting went on, dominating the opponents, picking up the pistol's and following two rounds. The squad of stanislaw prevailed in the first gun-round, but then Cloud9 re-seized the initiative again and paragraphed the map with a victorious [16:8].

«quad-kill» by Stewie2K

After a small break, the battle was resumed on de_overpass. The first three rounds were secured by Cloud9, but the victory in the device-one went to OpTic. The Skadoodle & company re-captured the control and went on, enlarging their advantage. Up to the end of the first map, the mixwell's team managed to punch through the enemy's defense only twice, so the first half was finished with [12:3] in favor of Cloud9.

Having changed the side, OpTic offered resistance and realized a streak of nine victorious rounds, thus reaching the opponents at [12:12]. С9 failed to find a key to the rivals' defense, being eventually defeated on the second map [12:16].

«-3» with awp by Skadoodle

The winner of a clash was decided on de_cache. OpTic Gaming took three rounds at a run, but then Cloud9 found a way to break up the shutout, outscoring the rivals over time. Up to the end of the first half, shroud and his teammates were dominating the opponents and finished the side with a double advantage of [10:5].

After a changeover, OpTic turned the tide of a meeting in their favor and started cutting down the backlog [10:10]. For some time, the squads were going head-to-head, and, eventually, failed to decide the strongest in the main time [15:15]. In the overtimes, OG overpowered the rivals in two points, thus drawing a line under the battle on the third map [19:17].


In the following match, OpTic Gaming are up to face off against FaZe Clan. The stream of the match will be held on the twitch-channel.