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ECS Season 2 finished


ECS S2: OpTic Gaming — the first tournament's finalists

The third and final match-day within the LAN-finals of ECS Season 2 was kicked off with a semifinal countering between Team EnVyUs and OpTic Gaming.

Triple-kill by NAF-FLY helps OG in the 13th round

The choice of OG fell on map de_overpass. Up from the first minutes, OpTic were showing a well-thought attack, overpowering the opponents, and thus gained a crushing advantage. As a result of the OpTic Gaming's domination, only two rounds were picked up by EnVyUs, following the outcome of first half [2:13]. 

CT-sided, the American team went on, gaining points and soon got 13 map-points [2:15]. Only one of them was played back by nV, after what OG paragraphed the game on Overpass [3:16].

Another «-3» by NAF-FLY helped OpTic to realize the force

The following map was de_nuke — a pick of Team EnVyUs. The French squad made it with an imperious start and after the 7th round, were outscoring the rivals in three points [5:2]. In the further game, OpTic strengthened the defense and entered a winning streak, coming closer to nV. Eventually, the Americans manged to secure a victory in the first half with a minimal advantage of [7:8].

After a chageover, OG never stopped enlarging the score-gap. With the yet another winning run, OpTic brought the game to eight match-points [7:15]. Unfortunately for all the EnVyUs' fans, the French team failed to perform a comeback and were finally defeated with [12:16].


Following this result, OpTic Gaming are the first to advance to the Grand-finals of ECS S2. Team EnVyUs leave the tournament and stop at the 3-4th place with $65,000.