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ECS Season 2 finished


ECS S2 Europe: mouz and GODSENT leveled the score

A countering within the European division of ECS Season 2 is still on air. In the second match within the current gaming-day have met mousesports and GODSENT.


GODSENT and mousesports failed to decide the strongest

A countering was set off on map de_dust2. mouz lost out the pistol-round, but picked up the «force» in response, thus taking the initiative and moving ahead. Outscoring the opponent in four points, mousesports eased up, letting GODSENT clear the backlog with one winning run [5:5]. The game's tactics with two AWP paid off and the Swedish squad prevailed in the first half with an outcome of [6:9].

CT-sided, mouz made use of their aggressive gaming-style, thus putting GODSENT into a corner. Losing out seven rounds at a run, the Swedes gave a decent response to their opponents [13:10]. However, GODSENT failed to turn the meetings' tide and mousesports effortlessly victoriously paragraphed the match at [16:11].


The next map was de_mirage. Up from the very beginning, GODSENT were showing a strong defense. mousesports weren't able to punch through the enemy's defense and were defeated round and round again, letting the Swedes gain a smashing advantage. Only at the end of the first half, after the tactical pause, mouz won a few rounds and went for a switch-over with a backlog of seven points [11:4].

In the second half, mousesports picked up the starting five rounds, cutting down the backlog to two points [11:9]. After that, GODSENT re-seized the control back to their hands and, thanks to the winning streak, destroyed the rivals' economy. The Swedish five went for five match-points, one among which was successfully realized [16:11].


Matches of ECS S2 Europe will go on with a countering between Team Dignitas and GODSENT. Watch the game’s stream on the twitch-channel.