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ECS Season 2 finished


ECS S2 Europe: fnatic overpowered FaZe

A qualifier for the LAN-finals of ECS S2 among the European teams is still on air. fnatic and FaZe Clan were fighting in the first match within the current gaming-day.


The fnatic's new roster keeps gathering pace

A clash was set off on de_train. The Swedish squad prevailed in the starting three rounds, but still was defeated in the gun-one, due to the rain's quad-kill [3:1]. Having strengthened their defense, FaZe kicked off a winning run and soon outscored the rivals [4:5]. After that, fnatic realized a pistol-buy and, overpowering the enemy in two rounds more, retook the lead [7:5]. A footstep away from a victory in the first half, the Swedes eased grip that was successfully profited by FaZe Clan, who managed to cut down the backlog to a single point [8:7].

CT-sided, fnatic prevailed in the pistol-round and two anti-eco's [11:7]. The players from FaZe picked up the device-round, but were smashed in the next one, which destroyed their economy [12:8]. Obtaining the necessary devices, FaZe won three buy's in a row [13:11]. However, there was no room for a comeback by the European team. fnatic managed to re-charge the initiative and victoriously paragraphed the match at [16:13].  


The second map was de_mirage. Up from the very beginning, fnatic were showing a strong defense, due to which they lost out only one round out of nine played [1:8]. However, closer to the end of the first half, along with the crucial entry-kills from aizy and rain, FaZe Clan found a way to bounce back to a score of [6:9].

After a changeover, FaZe were defeated in tree rounds at a run, but managed to pick up the device one again [7:12]. Nevertheless, fnatic gained the upper hand in the next buy and retained the control over the game's landscape, destroying the rivals' economy. Eventually, the Swedish squad managed to secure the points, which let them finish the meeting with [7:16] in their favor. Screenshot_2

Stay tuned to the twitch-channel, as just in a few minutes will kick off a match between Team Dignitas и Ninjas in Pyjamas.

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