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ECS Season 2 finished


ECS S2 Europe: FaZe dealt with G2

The final match of the current gaming-day within the European division of ECS Season 2 was an encounter between G2 and FaZe.


FaZe defeated the rivals on the first map

The first map in the confrontation was de_cache. The European squad made it with an imperious start, overpowering the opponents in six rounds at a run. The Frenchmen managed to interrupt the opponent's winning streak, but then a game was fully dictated by FaZe. G2 found a way to pick up three more points, but the ultimate victory in the first half was seized by the European squad [11:4].

Having changed the side, the French team still managed to fight back, gradually cutting down the backlog, then even moving ahead, and thus reached the match-point [15:13]. Despite this, FaZe weren't intended to give up and brought the game to add-rounds [15:15]. In the overtimes, the European squad managed to outscore the rivals in three points, thus securing the victory on the first map [22:20].


The further game was resumed on de_overpass. The Frenchmen gained the upper hand in the pistol-round, but the Europeans have immediately responded and started gaining points. FaZe Clan shown an excellent game for the CT-side, going for a changeover with the smashing advantage of [13:2].

After a switch-over, the balance of power on the map has hardly changed. karrigan and company secured a sufficient number of points and drew a victorious line under the battle [16:2].


The teams' seeding within the tournament table of the group stage of ECS Season 2 may be discovered on our site.