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ECS Season 2 finished


ECS S2 Europe: EnVyUs and Virtus.Pro tied the score

A fight within the European division of ECS Season 2 is moving on. In the third match for today, the spectators had a chance to take a look at the countering between Team EnVyUs and Virtus.Pro.

A sure-handed usage of AWP by nV.kennyS 

At first, the squads were fighting on de_cobblestone. nV picked up the «knives» and chose the CT-side. The game was set off to the best advantage of EnVyUs: the Frenchmen took the pistol-round and following anti-eco's, as well as the first device one [4:0]. VP realized eco and cut down the backlog to a minimum [4:3]. After that, Team EnVyUs hardened the defense and secured a clear victory in the first half [10:5].

After a changeover, the French team's domination went on. Virtus.Pro failed the performance for the CT-side and failed to secure a single round more, being smashed on Cobblestone [16:5].


For the second time, the rivals met on de_mirage. A choice of the side was made by EnVyUs again, who started for the CT-side. At first, the teams were playing as an equal, taking rounds at every turn [2:2]. Then, as well as in the previous game, VP faced some serious challenges on the T-side. nV, with a strong defense, went for a switch-over with an advantage of seven points [4:11].

In the second half, Virtus.Pro prevailed in the pistol-round and anti-eco's, getting in the chances for a comeback [7:11]. The lost gun-round became a start of yet another winning run [10:12]. VP, not easing grip, soon leveled the score [13:13]. A tactical pause didn't help Team EnVyUs to fix their mistakes, so the Poles managed to victoriously finish the started [16:14].


In the final match of the current gaming-day of ECS S2 Europe will play G2 Esports and FaZe Clan. Stay tuned to our site to be first to discover the outcome.