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ECS Season 2 finished


ECS S2 Europe: Astralis outscored fnatic

The second match of the current gaming-day within the confines of Esports Championship Series Season 2 was countering fnatic vs Astralis.


A victory on the first map was seized by the Danes

The first battlefield was a map de_dust2. The Swedish squad overwhelmed the opponent in the pistol-round, but the Danes managed to realize a force-buy. Then Astralis kicked off a winning run, which lasted up to the mark of [7:1]. At the end of the first half, fnatic found a way to put on their board two points more, paragraphing the first half with [3:12] in favor of the opposing side.

CT-sided, the Swedes managed to re-capture the control for a while and picked up five rounds. Despite this, the Danish squad braced up and secured a victory on the first map [16:8].


Then teams were battling on de_train. The first two rounds were taken by fnatic, but then Astralis captured the initiative and leveled the score. To the end of the first half, the teams were playing on equal footing, but the Swedish five was up to finish the first half with a slight advantage of [8:7].

In the second half, the stand-off was still even. After a temporary draw of [10:10], the Danish team managed to move forward, but fnatic, not giving up, reached the opponents. Then squads have swapped the rounds for a few times again, and eventually failed to decide the strongest during the main time [15:15].

In the overtimes, Astralis seized four rounds at a run, thus gaining the upper hand in the countering [19:15].


Stay tuned to twitch-channel, where just in a few minutes will start a stream of the following match — Team EnVyUs vs Virtus.Pro.