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ECS Season 2 finished


ECS S2: EnVyUs take the first place in Group «B»

In the final match of the first gaming day at the LAN-finals of ECS S2, were fighting dignitas and Team EnVyUs. The teams were playing on the map de_nuke.


EnVy advance to the Playoffs of ECS S2

The game kicked off with a victory of EnVyUs in the pistol-round [0:1]. The Frenchmen picked up the following two rounds, but then dignitas reduced the backlog to a minimum [2:3]. In a further game, nV re-seized the initiative and began rapidly gaining points. The Danes failed to show a decent performance for the T-side, thus picking up only one round before the changeover [3:12].

Eventually, the Danish squad failed to get back on track in the second half, being finally smashed. Т-sided, the French team carried one winning streak more, finishing the game with the final score of [3:16] in their favor.


Team EnVyUs secure the first line within Group «B», joining the list of participants of the Playoffs, where they are already awaited by the Danes from Astralis.

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