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ECS Season 2 finished


Astralis secured the champions' title of ECS S2

In the Grand-finals of the second season within ECS, were fighting Astralis and OpTic Gaming. We'd like to remind you that in the semifinal clashes the Danes defeated SK, while the NA-team overwhelmed EnVyUs.


Astralis — the champions of ECS Season 2

The first battlefield was de_overpass — a choice of OpTic. dupreeh & company prevailed in the pistol-round, but the Americans managed to realize a force-buy. Astralis realized a force in response and started a winning streak, which lasted up to the end of the first half [14:1].

After a changeover, OpTic still managed to retake the control and started cutting down the backlog. The NA-team overpowered the opponents in five rounds at a run, but then the Danes managed to find the enemy's weak spot, gaining the sufficient two points [16:6].

«quad-kill» by device

The countering was resumed on de_train — the pick of Astralis. They picked up two rounds at a run, but OpTic won in the first gun-round. For some time, the squads were playing on an equal footing, but the Danes happened to be stronger and finished the first half with an advantage of three points [9:6].

Having changed the side, Astralis didn't let the rivals retake the control and went on, gaining points. In five rounds, the Americans managed to stop the opponents attack, slightly reducing the backlog, however they still failed to take the revenge on the second map. The Danes seized the initiative again and secured a clear victory over OpTic Gaming [16:11].


Astralis became the best team of the second season within ECS and won $250,000. in turn, OpTic Gaming secured the second place and earned $120,000.

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