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SL i-League CS:GO StarSeries S3 finished


SL i-League StarSeries S3: fnatic will play against Epsilon

On the 8th of March were held two matches of the European qualifiers for the third season of SL i-League СS:GO StarSeries. fnatic and Epsilon gained the upper hands over their rivals, thus becoming a step closer to the so-desired ticket to the championship's LAN-finals.

flusha and company move further

In the first match we were observing a clash of two Swedish teams — fnatic and fnatic Academy. The teams managed to define a winner in two maps. At first they were playing on the pick of fnatic Academy — de_cobblestone, where the victory was gained by olofmeister and company. Then the squads met on de_train, which was also paragraphed by fnatic.

  • — [10:16] on de_cobblestone
  • — [13:16] on de_train


In the second countering Epsilon faced off against FlipSid3. The Swedish five prevailed on their choice — de_mirage, and then dealt with the enemy on de_train. 

  • — [10:16] on de_cobblestone
  • — [13:16] on de_train


Thus, FlipSid3 and fnatic Academy are knocked out of the contest, while the next rivals for fnatic will be the team Epsilon. We'd like to remind you that the tickets to the final stage of SL i-League CS:GO StarSeries S3 are already on sale, and may be purchased here.