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SL i-League StarSeries S2: CS:GO finished


StarSeries: The second Spirit's victory

A destiny of another ticket to the next stage of the European Qualifier of  SL i-League StarSeries S2 was decided in the match between Team Spirit and Fruits. The yesterday's matches had a happy ending for the Russian and Hungarian squads: the both teams prevailed over Gambit.

The clash was kicked off on map de_mirage — a pick of Spirit. CT-sided, Team Fruits won the pistol-round and three rounds, after what the Russian squad picked up the buy [1:4]. The team from Hungary went on, increasing the gap, and soon secured the victory in the first half. Before the switch-over, Spirit strengthened the attack, cutting down the backlog up to five points [5:10].


Fruits opened the score of the meeting, winning Mirage

T-sided, Team Spirit got to the opponent as close as possible [9:10]. Fruits retook the control over the tide of a meeting, but Spirit didn't stop fighting, so the score was leveled. Nevertheless, the Hungarians managed to brace up and drew a line under the struggle on the map, putting the enemy's pick on the board [14:16].

After a break, the teams have picked up a fight on the choice of Fruits — map de_cobblestone. CT-sided, Spirit lost out in the pistol-round and two eco's, however they've succeeded in the following four gun-rounds [4:3]. Keeping the same pace, Team Spirit showed a decent defense, securing the leadership before the change-over [9:6].

During the second half, the Russian team overpowered the rival in the pistol-round and dealt with him in a pair of anti-eco's [12:6]. Having restored the economy, Fruits carried out a winning run of five rounds [12:11]. The teams were playing on equal footing, but eventually Spirit re-captured the initiative and paragraphed the battle on Cobblestone [16:14].


Spirit managed to cope with the rival's onslaught

The decisive third map was de_cache. Team Spirit picked up the initial three rounds, gaining a small advantage of [3:0]. Fruits won two gun-rounds, but Spirit realized the «force-buy», destroying the enemy's economy. The T-side by the Russian team wasn't perfect, but their efforts proved to be sufficient to change the side, still leading the game [10:5].

In the second half, Team Spirit prevailed in the pistol-round and two anti-eco's [13:5]. Fruits had no intentions to give up, making a step on the path to the come-back. Soon the team from Russia used a tactical pause, which helped them to fix the mistakes and get back on track. Spirit managed to defeat the rival on Cache, paragraphing the map with the score of [16:11] in their favor.


Don't forget that pretty soon will start the fight between Gambit Gaming and HellRaisers. The stream of the game will be held on StarLadder_cs_en.