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SL i-League StarSeries S2: CS:GO finished


StarSeries S2: EnVyUs advance to Play-off

In the last match within the group stage of the LAN-finals SL i-League StarSeries S2 was unfolded a struggle between Team EnVyUs and VG.CyberZen. A winner of the match was destined to secure a slot of the Play-offs participant, securing the second place of Group «D».


Team EnVyUs overpowered Vici Gaming on their map-pick

The first encounter was set off on the choice of EnVyUs — map de_dust2. The Frenchmen prevailed in the pistol-round, but still failed to deal with the enemy's force [1:1]. However, nV have immediately strengthened the defense, picking the following three rounds [1:4]. Soon CyberZen changed the vector of attack, thus leveling the score [4:4]. However Team EnVyUs didn't let the opponent forge ahead, prevailing over him in three buy's at a run [4:9]. Before the changeover, VG were caught behind the opponents in three points [6:9].

In the second half, the French squad went on increasing the advantage. In a certain moment, VG.CyberZen retook the control over the tide of a match and the opposing teams temporarily tied the game [14:14]. Eventually, the Chinese failed to turn the tide of a meeting. EnVy paragraphed the battle on the first map. The final score on de_dust2 stood still at [14:16].

The game was resumed on the map de_cache — pick of VG. The Frenchmen were smashed in the pistol-round, but still managed to realize a «force-buy» in return [1:1]. After that Team EnVyUs kicked off the winning run of eight rounds [1:9]. CyberZen failed the first half, prevailing over the contestant only in one more buy [2:13]. Being defeated in the second pistol-round, EnVy carried out a successful force. In the further game, EnVyUs have effortlessly finished the started at [3:16].


Alongside the finish of this match, the group stage of the LAN-finals SL i-League StarSeries S2 has eventually come to an end. The audience will be able to witness the games within the stage of Play-offs tomorrow. The relevant schedule can be discovered here.