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SL i-League StarSeries S2: CS:GO finished


StarSeries S2: NiP — champions of the tournament

In the decisive match of the second season of SL i-League StarSeries S2 faced off G2 Esports and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Ways of the French and Swedish teams were made through the victories over Team Dignitas and Cloud9 respectively.

The Swedish team became the champion of tournament in Kiev

The choice of NiP fell on de_cache. T-sided, the Swedish team picked up the pistol's and following seven buy's, gaining a comfortable advantage [0:8]. In a further game, G2 have eventually taken their first round and, not losing the pace, cut down the backlog to five points [3:8]. Nevertheless, the Swedes interrupted the winning streak of their rivals and won the first half with a crushing advantage [3:12].

CT-sided, Ninjas in Pyjamas lost out only four rounds, finishing the started. G2 failed to deal with the opponents on their pick, being defeated on de_cache. The score stood still at [7:16].

G2 Esports had a chance to rehabilitate on their pick — map de_overpass. The Frenchmen picked up the pistol-round and two anti-eco's, but lost out the first gun-round [1:3]. Soon the Swedes managed to level the score [3:3], but G2 again took over the initiative and went on increasing a score. Reaching the mark of [3:6], NiP re-clinched the control and teams tied the game again [6:6]. The Swedes didn't stop at the reached, going to a switchover, still being ahead [9:6].

In the second half, the Frenchmen secured two rounds, after which Ninjas in Pyjamas overpowered them in the device one [10:8]. The opposing teams were playing as equal and weren't able to define the strongest one for quite a long time, so the game reached overtimes [15:15]. At the end of add-time, NiP prevailed over G2 Esports, thus gaining the title of the StarSeries S2 champions [22:18].


We congratulate Ninjas in Pyjamas on the another triumph. The squad has shown a high-class game, getting the title of the strongest team among participants of the LAN-finals SL i-League StarSeries S2. We wish them good luck and more victories!