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SL i-League StarSeries S2: CS:GO finished


StarSeries S2: NiP overwhelmed Astralis

Matches of the Quarter-finals SL i-League StarSeries S2 were resumed with a countering between NiP and Astralis.


The Danes prevailed on the opponent's pick 

The first battlefield became de_cache. The Danes gained the upper hand in the pistol-round and the following two rounds. The Swedish team managed to realize the gun-round, but Astralis retook the initiative and went on scoring points. At the mark of [7:1] Ninjas in Pyjamas found a way to interrupt the winning streak, however the first half was ended in favor of the Danish squad [10:5].

After the switch-over, Astralis went on leading a game and pick up four rounds at a run. The Swedes managed to stop the rival's attack only once, being defeated on their pick [16:6].

The game was resumed on de_dust2 — a choice of Astralis. They won the pistol-round and anti-eco, but the device-round was clinched by NiP. Then the Danes managed to regain the control back to their hands and went on scoring points. The Swedes found a way to put on their board three rounds more, going to the changeover with [4:11].


The best players on Dust2

CT-sided, Ninjas in Pyjamas triumphed over the contestant in four rounds at a run. Astralis managed to take the initiative for a while, but the Swedes strengthened the positions, picking up eight points, securing a win on the second map [16:12].

In a further game, the squads met on de_overpass. Ninjas in Pyjamas made a confident start, picking up six rounds at a run. The Danish roster used a tactical pause to discuss their missteps, thus breaking the shutout at [1:6]. Then the Swedes re-seized the initiative again and continued to enlarge the advantage. The first half was finished with [12:3] in favor of NiP.

Having changed the sides, Astralis prevailed over the enemy in the pistol and following two rounds. The squad from Sweden braced up and, gaining the victorious pints, paragraphed the clash on Overpass [16:6].


Stay tuned to starladder_CS_en, as already in a few minutes you will be able to witness the tide of a stand-off G2 & EnVyUs.