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SL i-League StarSeries S2: CS:GO finished


StarSeries S2: G2 — leaders of Group «B»

In a clash for the slot in the Play-offs, faced off G2 and Faze Clan. In their first match, the Frenchmen overpowered MVP, while the European team triumphed over FlipSid3.


The squads were fighting on de_dust2. G2 overwhelmed the opponent in the pistol and following two rounds. FaZe found a way to pick up the gun-round, but the french squad has immediately retaken a control and started scoring points. Up to the end of the first half, the Europeans managed to put on their board only one point more and the second half was ended with a smashing score in favor of Richard «shox» Papillon and his teammates [13:2].

Having changed the side, FaZe managed to turn the tide of a game, realizing a winning streak of seven rounds. Despite this, G2 still managed to secure the victorious points, paragraphing battle on de_dust2 [16:10].


The next match — Na'Vi vs Astralis — starts at 16:30 by the local time. A stream of the game will be held on the twitch-channel starladder_CS_en.