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SL i-League StarSeries S2: CS:GO finished


StarSeries S2: dignitas dealt with Heroic

The final match of the fourth gaming-day was a meeting dignitas vs Heroic.


dignitas overpowered the rival on the first map

A clash started on de_cobblestone — a pick of Heroic. They won the initial three rounds, but, getting the necessary devices, their rivals leveled the score. In a further game, we were witnessing an equal fight, but Michael «Friis» Jørgensen and his team happened to be stronger, finishing the first half with [9:6].

CT-sided, dignitas won three rounds at a run, reaching a temporary draw [9:9]. Then Heroic gained the upper hand in the gun-round, but Kristian «k0nfig» Wienecke and his teammates secured the victorious points and paragraphed enemy's pick in their favor [16:11].

After a break teams met on — a choice of dignitas. The squad of Ruben «RUBINO» Villarroel took a great start, picking six rounds at a run. Despite the bad start, Heroic managed to interrupt the opponent's winning streak, slightly reducing the backlog, but the leadership was still possessed by dignitas [9:6].


The best players of the second map

Lukas «gla1ve» Rossander and his teammates overwhelmed the rival in the second pistol-round, and soon forged ahead. Eventually, Heroic made a comeback and secured Nuke [16:12].

The decisive map was de_mirage. Up from the very start, dignitas clinched the initiative and realized a winning streak of five rounds. Then Heroic managed to break up the shutout, picking up six points. Despite this, the first half was paragraphed by the team of Mathias «MSL» Lauridsen [9:6].

Having swapped the sides, Heroic soon tied the score, after what the squads weren't able to define the strongest one for a long time. dignitas strengthened the positions and, picked the victorious rounds, drawing a line under a fight on Mirage [16:12].


The matches of a current day are over and will be resumed tomorrow. Follow the latest news at our site.