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SL i-League StarSeries S2: CS:GO finished


StarSeries S2: Cloud9 advance to the Play-offs

The victors of by-past matches — Cloud9 and VG — were playing for a slot in the tournament's Play-offs stage. 28903939204_c6596fb1b9_k

Cloud9 prevailed over the rival

A confrontation was held on de_mirage. The Americans overpowered rivals in the initial three rounds, but the Chinese found a way to pick up the gun-round and leveled a score at [3:3]. Despite this, Cloud9 re-clinched the control back to their hands and forged ahead. Jordan «n0thing» Gilbert and his team realized a streak of seven winning rounds, thus finishing the side with [11:4].

After the switch-over, Cloud9 went on dominating the enemy. Not leaving a single chance to the opponent, the American squad picked the victorious rounds and drew a line under the stand-off on Mirage [16:4].


Here, the matches of the current gaming-day are over. Records of the stream are available on our YouTube-channel.