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SL i-League StarSeries S2: CS:GO finished


StarSeries S2: Astralis secure a victory over TyLoo

Games of the third match-day were resumed in a battle between Astralis and TyLoo. The results of the latest matches between these teams were different: the Danes prevailed over Na'Vi, while the Chinese lost out to Heroic.


The Danes have shown a high-class game on the first map

A choice of TyLoo fell on de_train. They won the pistol-round and two anti-eco's. Astralis triumphed over the rival in the gun-round, but the following round was secured by the Chinese squad. Then the Danish team braced up and leveled the score. Thanks to the strong defense and the team-actions, Finn «karrigan» Andersen and his teammates finished the side with a score [11:4].

T-sided, Astralis kept leading the game, punching through the enemy's defense. At the mark of [14:4] TyLoo found a way to retake the control, slightly cutting down the backlog. Despite this, a team from Denmark secured necessary points, paragraphing the clash at a rival's pick.


The best players on de_train

The following battlefield became de_overpass. Astralis prevailed in the pistol and following two rounds. The Chinese team overpowered the opponent in the gun-round, but then the Danes again secured the initiative and went on, increasing the advantage. At the mark of [7:1] TyLoo took over the control and started to gain points, and a result, reached the contestant as close as possible [7:8].

After the side replacement, the Chinese became the stronger one in the pistol-round and thus, reaching the temporary draw. Then TyLoo outran the rival, successfully finishing the second map with [16:10].

The decisive map was de_mirage. Up from the start, teams were playing as equal, failing to decide the strongest one for a while. The Chinese have still managed to move ahead, increasing the score-gap. For the changeover, TyLoo went with the advantage in three points [9:6]. T-sided, Astralis triumphed over the rival in the pistol-round, and then realized a sterak of six victorious rounds. The squad from China was trying to cut down the backlog, but their efforts happened to be insufficient. [16:12] and the Danish roster gained the upper hand on Mirage.


Stay tuned to starladder_CS_en and watch a stream of encounter between EnVy and VG.