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SL i-League StarSeries S2: CS:GO finished


StarSeries: Epsilon overwhelmed MK

The qualifiers for the second season of SL i-League StarSeries are ongoing and the current match-day is opened with the battle between Epsilon eSports and Mortal Kombat (ex-Efrag/Orbit). We’d like to remind you that Epsilon have already lost a chance to advance to the next stage of the qualification, as they had lost out to Alternate and ENCE in the by-past games.


bubble — MVP on Dust2

The initial clash was kicked off on de_dust2 — a pick of Epsilon. The Bulgarian succeeded in the pistol-round and anti-eco, but the victory in the device-one was seized by the Swedes [1:2]. MK strengthened their defense, not letting the opponent take over the initiative. Thanks to the coherent actions on the CT-side, Mortal Kombat prevailed in the first half, thus being defeated only in two more rounds [3:12].

After the switch-over, Epsilon picked up the pistol-round and one buy, while MK successfully realized the force-buy in return [5:13]. The Swedish squad wasn’t able to change the tide of a game, failing the comeback on de_dust2. Mortal Kombat finished the started, putting the enemy’s pick on their board [8:16].


Epsilon gave a decent answer to the rival on Cache 

The encounter was resumed on the choice of MK — map de_cache. The team from Sweden happened to be weaker in the pistol-round, however they managed to level the score and even to go ahead shortly. The lucky streak of the successful gun-rounds helped the Bulgarians to greatly cut down the backlog [4:3], so Epsilon regained the former confidence and came off victorious in the first half [11:4].

The T-side of Epsilon eSports happened to be equally successful, as the CT-one, so, as the result, they’ve effortlessly paragraphed de_cache. MK failed to pick up a single round in the defense, so the final result stood still at [16:4].


Epsilon eSports have easily dealt with the enemy on Mirage

The decisive third map was de_mirage. The Swedish five has kicked off with a highlight reel and secured a comfortable advantage [5:1]. The tactical pause had no favorable influence on the game-level of MK, so, eventually, Epsilon have shown an almost perfect defense in the first half  [13:2].

Mortal Kombat didn't manage to get back on track and Epsilon picked up the victorious three rounds. Eventually, the Swedish squad gained the upper hand on Mirage, thus, securing the first victory at the tournament.

Screenshot_6Stay tuned to StarLadder_cs_en, where Alternate aTTaX and ENCE eSports are already waiting their turn to enter the fight.